What is in your perfect home?
Just answer a few simple question on what you are looking for in a home. 
Home Design & Realty prides themselves in finding that perfect fit for you and your family that you will enjoy for years to come. 

If you are interested in RENTING, or in BUYING A HOME please tell us about yourself and what you
desire so we may best meet your needs.  
We represent buyers & sellers  for all types of properties. 
What are you interested in?
Buying a home
Renting a home
Selling my current home and buying a new one
When are you looking to purchase your next home?
Currently looking to purchase now
Within the next year
In the next 2-5 years
Have you been Pre-Approved/Pre-Qualified for a home loan?
Yes Pre-Approved
Yes Pre-Qualified
No I haven't Yet
Financial Information
What House Features Suit You?
I Must Have A Garage!
I Would Like One But, I Don't NEED one.
I Don't Need A Garage.
If You Had A Garage, What Size Garage Would You Need?
1 Car
2 Car
3 Car
4 Car
5 Or More Cars
What Size Yard Would You Like?
I Need To Have A Lot Of Space.
I Prefer To Have A Large Yard But, A Smaller Yard Will Do.
I Prefer A Smaller Yard.
The Size Of The Yard Does Not Matter To Me.
Would You Like Your Yard To Be Fenced?
Yes I Would.
No I Wouldn't.
Either Way Is Ok With Me.
Would You Like A Pool?
I Wouldn't Buy A House Without One.
Too Much Maintenance.
I Would Like To Have A Pool.
Would You Like A Basement?
I Need A Basement
I Do Not Need A Basement
I Would Like One But, I Don't Need One.
How Many Bedrooms Do You Need?
I Have A Small Family, 2 -3 Bedrooms is fine.
My Family Is Growing I Need 3 or More Bedrooms
4 Or More Bedrooms Is A Must.
I Need More Than 5 Bedrooms.
How Many Bathrooms?
1-2 Bathrooms
3-4 Bathrooms
5 Or More Bathrooms
What Else Would You Like Your New Home To Have?
What Is The Best Way To Contact You?
I Prefer A Phone Call.
I Prefer E-mail
I Prefer A Text Message
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